Just Married - Santa sleigh

A Christmas Wedding

December 2, 3, 4 and 9, 10, 11
The Vanity Theater, Crawfordsville IN

When ordering tickets, note times of performances vary by date

What the Play is About

The play is the second part of Santa Dairies presented by the Vanity in 2018 and like that show, this will be the Indiana premier.

Five years ago Will Hawes and his high school sweetheart moved to Hollywood. Everyone assumed they would be married, but they quickly became the hottest couple in town. So now they return seeking a simple, small-town, Christmas Wedding.

However, to get time away they had to agree that their wedding would be filmed for a TV Special. The wedding quickly consumes everything, even replacing the town annual Christmas Eve production of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Of course, when Hollywood and TV get involved a simple, small-town, Christmas Wedding becomes a big production so that there is nothing either simple or small-town remaining. Did we mention this would be a Reality TV show?

Finally, everyone has had enough and a revolt against the “Hollywooding” of everything and everyone, and then returns us to a simple, small-town, Christmas Wedding.

A Christmas Wedding - photo by Cheri Clark
photo by Cheri Clark

Cast List

Sandy HawesKurt Homann
Martha HawesCarol Homann
Will HawesNate Baldwin
JessicaMelanie Baldwin
TimOrion Durbin
Josh ShanklinMichael Patton
BrandeeeDiana Durbin
Brandeee’s Assistant – CocoAnnee Clark
Camera Crew
Josie, crew chiefSeraiah Maish
DudeEduardo Barrera
SidneyMadelyn Schnelle
Casserole Ladies
Gloria DeaDee Osterhoudt
DotCheri Clark
EdnaJamey Goins
Volunteer Firemen
ChiefCrystal Plemons
FrisbeeJake Plemons
BudWesley Thornton
WoodyAndy Plemons
Locals who serve as cast of “A Christmas Carol”, reindeer, singers, dancers, crowd.
Mother of FiveKelly Harris-Kraynak
Red Headed girlJamie Buckler
teen girl 2Lashah Maish
teen girl 3Ziza Sexton
Tiny TimMatthew Southwood
Ring BearersArden Froerer
Flower GirlsAddie Lindsay
Lily Baldwin
Abby White
OthersNoelle Froerer
Schae Klika
Emma Plemons
Alli Roche
Beth Lindsay
Mackenzie Scudder
Ava Scudder
V.O. Local Radio announcerDave Peach
DirectorKeith Strain
ProducerKym Bushong
Production AssistantBetsy Strain
Technical TeamLinda Kingry
Jaycee Farris
Bryce Johnson
KeyboardLiberty Owens
Dance TroupeHope Taylor
Elizabeth Dodd